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What is Boocha Products

Boocha Products is a health and wellness beverage company.  By utilizing the most elegantly sourced produce and spices we brew extraordinary beverages that are good for your body and easy to drink.

We take great pride in our products, who we partner with, and our impact on the environment.  We use only recycled glass for all of our bottles in our manufacturing.  In order to make this a possibility we partner with local restaurants, and we encourage each of our customers to return used bottles.  Each and every bottle goes through an extensive cleaning and sterilization process to ensure safe use.

Breathing sustainability is our duty.  We have made a pledge for responsible water usage and we buy our ingredients locally and from various farmer’s markets.  All of these components allow us to offer you the highest quality, healthiest, and tastiest handcrafted beverages.

About us

Trust in our experience

Your delicious new drinks are handmade in Longmont, Colorado which brings sustainability to the core of our manufacturing.  Our brewer has made fermented beverages for over ten years, and has gained knowledge from several countries on two continents!  Our vision started in 2016 making Kombucha, and has since blossomed into the development of six fermented and four non-fermented beverages.  All of our products are packaged and shipped using 100% recycled materials, allowing us to bring you your products at a lower cost while maintaining our responsibility to the environment.  We work hand in hand with farmers and markets to bring you a true farm to table experience, every time.


We couldn’t do this without our strategic partners and community supporters. Our ecosystem is made up of unique community driven idealists. We have a shared ethos in community, sustainability, environmentalism, health, and wellness. We are thankful to our business partners, suppliers, farmers, patrons, and our community.


Recycling Program

Help us save the world, we buy our bottles back!

Here at Boocha Products we live and breath sustainability. Sustainability is not only good for the world, but it is a mutually cost effective way to do business for the consumer and the producer.
Please consider returning your purchased Boocha Products bottles and we will gladly pay you $0.25 per bottle on your future purchase. At the time being, this is an honor based program. This is only for local patrons in Longmont for the time being.

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Boocha Products

471 Main St
CO 80501 USA

Monday — Saturday: 11:00AM — 6:30PM


471 Main St
CO 80501 USA

Monday — Saturday: 11:00AM — 6:30PM